Please join us on the back patio before “The Wall” as we honor & hear from our nation’s Veterans.

Our honored Guest Speaker is well-known to many; Robert “Bob” Whitford CW3 USA (Retired) served with distinction during Vietnam as an U.S. Army Cavalry Pilot of the famed AH-1 Huey “Cobra” Attack Helicopter.

Receiving numerous decorations for his actions including the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) and the Bronze Star, Bob has regaled many with his stories over the years as he continues to serve in supporting Veterans and Active-Duty alike.

As always, open to all and with a hope that you will attend and invite others to attend so that we may continue our mission and assist all, “Lest We Ever Forget”.

Location: Chapter One – Churchill’s Pub & Grille, San Marcos, CA.

Arrival: 5:00 P.M. PST

Flag Raised:5:45 P.M. PST

Ceremony Begins: 6:00 P.M. PST

The “Hoist”: Approx. 6:40 P.M. PST

Social Begins: Approx. 6:45 P.M. PST

Retire the Service Colors: LATE