Mission – The Hoist



OUR MISSION: To bring Civilians and Veterans together on Special Occasions in Social Environments so that they may Share, Learn, Socialize and Honor one another “Lest we Ever Forget” Who has served, Why they served, How they served and to celebrate that most will never have to.


What is TheHoist.Org:

“The Hoist” was founded to bridge the gap not just amongst those that have served and those that have not, but also amongst the Veteran and Civilian communities themselves.

As of 2018, 6% of living Americans have served in the Armed Forces and have earned the designation “Veteran”. Service Personnel as portrayed by the entertainment industry in Books, Cinema and on Stage are not always represented in all the ways that Veterans have served and certainly not how they did so. This has exasperated a little known fact; that many Veterans not active within the community are not always comfortable around other Veterans and rarely identify themselves without prompting. In a similar fashion, patriotic civilians are often uncomfortable around groups of veterans as they did not serve themselves although most all know or are directly related to a Veteran themselves.

Hoist Chapters establish a neutral environment where all may gather to learn, share and give honor. Hoist ceremonies encourage all to take part and celebrates that some serve, so that most will never have to.